About Us

“Marina” symbolizes the background of the founders. The logo has a lighthouse which symbolizes “HOPE” for every seafarer which tells them that land is nearby and their destination is closer.

Likewise, the lighthouse in our logo symbolizes HOPE for every football player. With the right guidance in the right direction every footballer can realize their goals and experience their dream of becoming a professional player manifested in real life.

We have battled enough rough tides, stormy weathers and are seasoned to tackle any challenge thrown at us. It is this undying fighting spirit which we aim to inculcate in our players. Together we will learn to create opportunities for ourselves by committing to our dreams and pursuing them with determination.


  • To Build the AIFF Academy Basic accreditation Status to the Advanced 3 Star Status
  • To nurture and build the current U9 team to be among the Top 3 teams in U13 AIFF Zonal Youth League
  • To establish a girls’ team in the youth stage and participate in AIFF girls league.
  • To establish a League team in the Local Chennai League to provide another level of competition for the Academy Players and win Chennai Football Association 3rd division League with the Academy Team.
  • Work on increasing the Grassroots Facilities to 30 centres to bring in more feeder Facilities.
  • Develop and improve a 11 a side training facility to provide suitable playing surfaces to enable the academy players to train and meet the requirements and demands of player development at this level of football.


  • To continue to build the AIFF Academy accreditation Status to the Elite 3 Star Status
  • Aim to win the AIFF Zonal Youth League to Qualify for the National Youth Championship in either one of the age categories (U13/U15/U17)
  • Establish a team in the Tamil Nadu Women’s League with the aim of winning the league to qualify for the National Women’s League
  • Continued Development of the Academy program in the Chennai Football Association with the aim of winning the Senior Division, the highest level in the Football Association.
  • Increase the Feeder Facilities to 60 Centres with the focus not only in Chennai but spread across the Nation.
  • Establish a purpose-built training complex with Multiple Training pitches and training areas, to accommodate playing areas, hydrotherapy treatment pool, a fitness-suite with weight training equipment as well as fixed machinery


Vikram G R


Executive Director

Adrian Beschi


Managing Director

Solomon Chawang

Head of Youth


Madhan Vijayakumar

Head of